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Wind Mitigation Inspection


Also referred to as “Windstorm Inspection.”

The purpose of a wind inspection is to determine the presence of specific features in a structure's construction that can enhance its strength during strong winds, such as those experienced during a hurricane. One of the advantages of getting a wind inspection is the potential identification of insurance savings based on the current features utilized in your home.

If you are considering purchasing a property in Miami-Dade or Broward Counties, it is crucial that you contact me to discuss these factors. With over 17 years of experience in the local area, I possess extensive knowledge of South Florida and its susceptibility to natural disasters like hurricanes and high wind storms. Feel free to reach out to me when you are ready to discuss your requirements and the potential savings offered by your insurer.

Numerous insurance companies, including Citizens, offer discounts or credits for construction or homeowner-applied features that have been proven to minimize hurricane damage. These features include:

- Hurricane protection for all windows and exterior doors, such as shutters or impact-resistant windows and garage doors.
- A hip roof, which is sloped on all sides like a pyramid.
- Roof-to-wall connections installed with hurricane clips/straps. The discount amount will vary depending on the type of connection, such as toe nail, clips, single wraps, or double wraps.
- Roof coverings approved by the Florida Building Code. The discount amount will vary depending on the type of covering, such as asphalt, tile, or metal.
- The presence of a secondary water resistance barrier.

The OIR-1802 windstorm inspection form remains valid for up to 5 years, provided there have been no significant changes to the structure and it has not been superseded by a revised windstorm inspection form.

Wind Mitigation Certificate
Wind Mitigation Certificate
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