Inspection Fees

We offer a “Full Menu” of inspection choices.


I’ve always believed and said that “you deserve to choose the inspection type that suits your needs” That’s why I offer the choices below. If you don’t see something you’re looking for below, call me to discuss your needs. I’m here to help you make the right choice. Call me right now to discuss your future inspection.



 Our “Complete Inspection” menu (below) is our complete, multi-point inspection.


It includes all major concerns, as well as maintenance issues. A very detailed report is emailed to you, complete with digital photographs, estimated cost to repair or replace those items of concern built right into the report on a summary page. 


See Rate Schedule, below.


General Property Inspections

Square Footage Price

999 or less -       Starting $325.00

999 – 1,499 -     Starting $365.00

1,499 – 1,999 -  Starting $395.00

1,999 – 2,999 -  Starting $445.00

2,999 – 3,499 -  Starting $525.00

3,499 – 3,999 -  Starting $655.00

3,999 AND UP Call

*The pricing of our inspection is based on the square footage of the home or building under roof.

*Crawl Space: When added to a complete inspection -  $130.00

*Crawl Space: Stand Alone Inspection -                         $180.00


Condo Inspections

1,000 square feet or less -  Starting $315.00

1,000 – 1,499 sq ft -           Starting $350.00

1,500 sq ft – 2,499 sq ft -   Starting $395.00

2,500 sq ft – 3,499 sq ft -   Starting $475.00


4- Point Insurance Inspections

Single Family Homes -                          $200.00

Multi – Family (Up to 4 Units) More -  $375.00


Wind Mitigation Insurance Inspections

Wind Mitigation / 4 Point Combo Stand Alone -            $330.00

Wind Mitigation added to an inspection -                       $130.00                                                   

Wind Mitigation/4 Point Combo added to Inspection -  $180.00

Wind Mitigation Stand Alone -                                       $170.00


Roof Condition Insurance Inspection

Standalone Only -                                    $150.00

When added to a complete inspection -   $75.00

Commercial $150.00

Imported or Chinese Drywall Survey

Tainted or Imported Drywall Survey -     $430.00

When added to a complete inspection -   $250.00


11 Month New Home Warranty Inspections

Starting at - $350.00

Termite Inspections

*As an add-on inspection -      $75.00

*As a standalone Inspection -  $170.00


Mold Testing

Limited Screening  Inspection (Client defined area) – $425.00 (Incl. 2 samples)

(This inspection is used when client wants a limited area tested. For example a bedroom, living room, etc. Appropriate samples would be collected an submitted to a laboratory for testing.)


Mold Survey Inspection (Inspector defined area) – $480.00(Incl. 3 samples)


(This inspection is a comprehensive survey of the dwelling when the client is unsure where the problem is located. For example, client smells musty odor or there exist symptoms related to mold presence but there is no visible evidence. In this case the inspector would perform a comprehensive evaluation of the structure to try and determined where the problem is and then samples would be collected and submitted to a laboratory for testing.)


Mold Testing Inspection (Post re-mediation) – $255.00 (Incl. 2 samples)


(This inspection is performed after removal or remediation has been performed. This type of testing ensures that the mold problem has been eradicated properly.) A limited number of samples would be collected and submitted to a laboratory for testing.)


  • Note: Charge for each additional test sample regardless of sample type is: $90.00 per sample. This includes the lab fees.

  • Keys residents – please note there will be an additional $50.00 charge for travel time.

  • Palm Beach County residents – please note there will be an additional $50.00 charge for travel time.

  • All prices are subject to change without notice.

  • All WDI or WDO related inspections performed by a Florida Licensed Pest Control Operator.